Python installation on Windows

This is currently outdated and needs a refresh for V3.

Core requirements

Python 2.7 32bit

Download from There are some modules not available for 64 bit, so you should use 32 bit versions which will run perfectly on 64 bit Windows as well. I suggest installing system paths and pip, it makes life easier.


Download from and install; pip didn't work for me.


After a regression in early 3.x versions has been fixed, wxPython starting with works. Use wxPython-3.0-win32-3.0.2 or newer.

modBind requirements

modBind needs requests and dnspython, may be installed using pip install requests and pip install dnspython.

modLdap requirements

modLdap needs PythonLdap 2.4 or newer, python-ldap-2.4.12 win32 is known to work. pip install python-ldap will fetch the latest version.

modPg requirements

modPg uses psycopg 2.5 or newer, psycopg 2.5.2 win32 should work. Use pip install psycopg2.