Admin4 core

  • implemented in Python 3
  • using wxPython 4 as GUI framework
  • native look-and-feel on all platforms
  • extensive logging
  • Server registrations can be managed in groups
  • Each object can be shown in its own detached window

BIND9 administration plugin

  • retrieves zones using the BIND9 statistics page if possible
  • modifies most RRs using the DDNS protocol
  • doesn't interfere with other DDNS clients (e.g. DHCP, Samba)
  • automatically maintains PTR records

LDAP3 administration plugin

  • generic entry editing with schema support
  • specific entry editing, e.g. user, group
  • extensible with custom dialogs to support site specific schemata

PostgreSQL administration plugin

  • object browser for common object types
  • favorite objects
  • query tool with graphical query plan analyzer
  • SQL Snippets stored in database

IMAP4 administration Plugin

  • creation/modification of mailboxes
  • ACL support
  • Quota support